LUKE 12:32healthy-cure-healing

Good day friends, I am prompted this morning to share this truth with someone, knowing that restoration will take place as he or she comes in contact with it. God takes pleasure in seeing you manifest. If you are unable to do same things Jesus did, it doesn’t connote the absence of the same power, but the absence of the ability to use it. You have the power but haven’t been trained to use it. No matter the weight of the anointing you carry, you need to be trained for proper application and result. One of the basic things you should be more concerned about is the training on how to use the power or gift of God within you. The power has been given. By spiritual birth, you carry the power to make things whole again.

I hear a lot of things that make me wonder if God is truly a loving God or a discipline master whose duty is just to wait and watch you fall so he can exert punishment on you immediately.  But in the midst of my inner struggle, the Holy Spirit through the scriptures brings me peace and comfort by the truth-Jesus. Many of us believe that God causes people to be sick and that it is sometimes the will of God.  But this morning I am determined to ask you just one question; IF YOU BELIEVE SICKNESS IS THE WILL OF GOD, WHY DO YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL TO REMOVE THE WILL OF GOD FROM YOUR LIFE. DON’T YOU THINK THAT TRYING TO REMOVE THE WILL OF GOD FROM YOUR LIFE IS A SIN AGAINST GOD? I need you to be honest enough to tell yourself the truth within. If sickness is the will of God, just leave it on your body.

Sickness no matter how small it might be is never the will of God. If you say sickness is Gods will, please never go to the hospital to cure the will of God.

ACT 10:38. This passage of the bible keeps ringing in my heart. Jesus was anointed with power and he went about doing good and healing people from all manner of sickness. Can a kingdom divided against itself stand? If sickness is the will of God, why would Jesus spearhead the movement of healing? This would mean he is fighting against the will of his father. My friends, wherever you might be reading this from, let it be known to you today, SICKNESS IS NEVER THE WILL FO GOD FOR ANY OF HIS SONS.

Young ministers, be careful what you accept as preaching! Nobody preaches the truth like the Holy Ghost (Hallelujah). In the healing ministry, UNITY IS A VERY POWERFUL PRINCIPLE THAT MAKES THINGS WORK EASILY. If your mind and belief are
one, then you can administer healing easily.  As long as part of you thinks that sickness is from God or some sickness are God sent, you are divided and a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. If your whole being can come to this conclusion that HEALING AND HEALTH are GOD’S PLAN FOR HIS SONS, YOU WILL WALK IN THE REALITY OF IT.  I pray for as many who are experiencing one form of health challenge or the other, receive your healing in the name of Jesus. I speak to every broken part of you, BE HEALED IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

I love you. Read, like and share with someone!

Happy Sunday!



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