Unstoppable 2.jpgSEE  John 5:1-6; Luke 1:5-11; II Corinth. 5:18

The enemy’s plan is not just to slay you to death.  If he kills you and your faith was intact, he actually lost.  His major assignment is to discredit the faithfulness of God in a man’s life.(SEE  Job 1:1-11)

If your main focus is to only meet your needs; solve your problems, then you are on a journey that has no end.  If all you wait for in life is a miracle, you just made yourself a candidate of delay.  If getting your personal problem solved is your major pursuit in life, you don’t know what it means to live.  Marriage is good, ordained by God.  Prosperity is great, it’s God’s desire for us but if that is our sole concern in life, then we have failed.  We were created for works; good works, an ASSIGNMENT (Eph. 2:8-10).

Despite what you are going through, you can still fulfill God’s assignment (II Kings 4:8-16).  Don’t let your situation hinder the great commission. You will be assisting the enemy to pause/hinder God’s assignment on earth by sitting by the poolside.  Don’t sit in church waiting for a miracle when you are a miracle to the world. Render service while you’re waiting to be serviced – while you are waiting for your miracle, you forget that you are a miracle the world is waiting for.

SEE Luke 1:5-11.

Zechariah was without a child, yet he was at the temple burning incense (service).  People’s salvation was tied to Zechariah, he needed to burn incense and offer sacrifice to God so that the people can experience mercy.  His barrenness did not hinder another man’s redemption.  You are the miracle the world is waiting for. (Romans 8:19).

It is in solving people’s problems that your needs are met; your problems are solved.  Don’t let your problem become your priority. In I Kings 19:5-17,  Elijah’s concern was his present circumstance, (Jezebel), but God’s priority was the assignment.  Forget Jezebel that is for God to handle. I Corinth. 2:1-3

You can still do something for God in that tight corner.  You don’t have an excuse. Matt. 25:14-26. Rise to work my friend!




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