39846_1_other_wallpapers_knight_warrior.jpgYou can still march out of that trial with smiles on your face.

Let’s take a turn here. In Act 16, Paul and Silas were flogged and thrown into the prison for preaching the gospel.  You see, obstacles in your life don’t always come because you did something wrong.  Sometimes God allows certain difficulties in your life so that His glory will be revealed. If you will be faithful in the uncertainty, He will do something great in your life. The most interesting part of the story in Acts 16 is the fact that these men despite their chains and pains went ahead to give God a dance. They praised God. They didn’t do this for five minutes; neither did they do it for one hour. They did it for as long as it took for their victory to be delivered.

You may feel like the world is on top of you- your children are always visiting the hospital, expected returns in business is no longer coming forth, your marriage isn’t what it used to be, your academics is giving you sleepless nights, you have a health condition which threatens your peace, well- PRAISE GOD. Give God the dance even when you don’t feel like doing it.  Just like Paul and Silas, find good in every situation and lift up your voice to the one who seats on the throne.  Do this with all your heart because your PRAISE IS YOUR PATH WAY TO GLORY. Thanksgiving lets your heart free of worries and enables you enjoy the best God offers you.

“Praise and thanksgiving is that little push that flings wide-open the door of miracles” – Kingsley Obiefule

You complain about your worn out shoes, yet my greatest desire is to have a leg to at least enable me walk. You complain about the kind of meal in front of you, yet I wish I had any to eat at all. You complain about your job and house and yet my earnest desire is to stop sleeping in uncompleted buildings and get a job. You complain about your parents, yet some persons wish they had people to call dad and mum.  You are tired of your wardrobe, yet some persons can’t boast of two shirts or trousers. Friend! Most things you complain about and despise are someone’s earnest prayer and cries…. think about it.

 You don’t actually know how to pray when you don’t know how to praise God – Pst. Ezekiel Attang


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