flifghtHaven prepared so hard for the journey, went through labour to save up and make sure I was able to afford the air ticket, the day finally came. There I was at the airport, waiting for the time our flight will be called. Immediately I remembered I had some friends in that city who didn’t know I was around. I picked up my phone, dialed their numbers and in no time, three of them arrived and we decided to hang out somewhere close by till it was time for the flight to take off.
Being so long we saw ourselves after university, an hour wasn’t really like anything. We were so engrossed in discussions trying to catch up on old times, ranging from school and after school life gist. Like a flash, it rang in my head,
“Your flight”
Immediately I screamed. We all began to race back to the airport praying that I will catch up with the flight. I received the shock of my life. I was thirty minutes late, the flight had already departed. Hmm! I MISSED THE FLIGHT. I thought about the money I had paid, the stress I went through to save up. I began to wonder why I ever dialed my friend’s numbers,
“Why didn’t I stay on my own”. Just as all these were going through my head; it rang out in my heart, THIS IS HOW THE DAY OF THE LORD WILL BE.
When Christ returns, it will take so many people unaware. Many will miss that great flight just like I missed my flight some time ago. You might have been in the race for a while, yet just a little time out to relax, that time you think everything is settled and you are certain of taking off, Christ just takes you unaware. I pray you don’t miss the great flight of Jesus.
These words are just to help us check ourselves once more. You might think you have everything under control, but you don’t. if you must miss anything in life, let it not be the great flight of Jesus.

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