14 - 1And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine? There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger. – Luke 17:17-18

Ten healed, just one came back to give glory, what an attitude.  Christ urged them to go. Does it surprise you that He could still ask after the other nine? That’s because he expected them to come and say thank you.  Nine were healed but one was made whole; that’s the power of thanksgiving. There are lots of lessons to learn from this Bible story.

A friend once said; don’t expect your tank to be full when you are not thankful. Oh! How I wish you understand the power of thanksgiving. If only you understand the efficacy of appreciating God, you will never let an hour pass you by without taking a stop to say thank you Jesus.  Being so blinded by what we don’t have we actually forget to see that which we have and to also thank God for them. We have so let complaints and murmurings fill our lives to the extent that if someone sees us, he or she might be tempted to remark “what an unfair or poor God they serve” This shouldn’t be the case. The economy might be bad, still thank Him. At least you are alive to even see how bad the economy is.

You wake up each day grumbling about everything that isn’t going well in your life, forgetting that there are a lot of things that has been going well which you have failed to notice.  Until you make thanksgiving your lifestyle, life will remain complicated to you. The only way the burdens of your heart can be pushed away is through a heartfelt thanksgiving and praise. As simple as it sounds it is what gives you a head way if you want to receive from God.  Have you ever paused to meditate on Philippians 4;6? It says you should fret over nothing rather dial the prayer number when you have an issue of concern. But the amazing thing is that this call and only goes through if you also punch the numbers with thanksgiving. Prayer and thanksgiving are inseparable. You are wondering why most answers don’t come when you pray? I guess it lacked the ore ingredient called THANKSGIVING.

Prayer calls only goes through if you punch the numbers with thanksgiving.

The world will say wait till it’s done but the kingdom principles states “praise makes it happen”. Little wonder Jesus said “Father thank you for I know you have heard me….John 11. Now I understand why he took the bread and fish and instead of casting and binding like some of us will do today, he chose to give thanks… friend! Wake up each day appreciating what God has done instead of analyzing all that you don’t have yet, and all the national problems you see on TV.  Forget about the debts and bills and thank God for the ones He has done for you already. By so doing you get Him to do more.


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