I once read a story of a man who was looking for a place he could find diamonds not being satisfied in his present location. The man sold his farm because somebody told him that in some distant land, there was abundance of diamonds. He sold his farm and went to that distant land. He went up and down the whole country and out of frustration jumped off a bridge and drowned in the river. While he was being frustrated, the person who bought his farm saw this shiny stone by the stream that went through the farm. He took it and discovered it was a diamond. The whole farm was sitting on acres of diamonds. Right where you are, you are sitting on acres of diamonds.

There are phenomenal opportunities around you. if you really, really want to change your life, change your thinking. You can change your thinking right where you are. There is no where on earth where there is no opportunity as long as there are people around us who have needs in their lives. When we develop the capacity to meet their needs, then we realize that we have the capacity to create wealth and to succeed.

“Right where you are, you are sitting on acres of diamonds”

The same Nigeria you are contemplating to run away from has and is still making a lot of people rich. The problem is not the location but the mindset of the person in the location. That place you want to relocate from has made many millionaires. Change your thinking and your life will eventually change in a matter of time. You complained of the past government. Now you are complaining of the present government. Sir, the government has never been your problem. You just need to change the government of your thought. Who is the president of your mental country? Who and what presides over your thought.

Diamonds are everywhere. Look deeper you will see. Let your inner eyes do the looking. Have a blessed day.

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