For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…. Proverbs 23:7

A lot of emphasis has been laid on the spirit of man and the Holy spirit, that we give little or no attention to the mind which is one of the most important channel through which we can become all that God has planned for man.  Many persons by reason of religion have come to believe that all which matters is getting saved. “As far as am saved, everything will work.” More often than not, I meet people who have been saved yet live totally the same the way they were and this time with higher frustration. Reason being that they were made to believe that all they needed to have everything fixed is getting saved.

Many are not experiencing the beauty of Gods promises in the scripture because they think that their minds become irrelevant when they become “born again”. They think their mind has been made useless by the act of being born again. No! Not so! God did not kill your mind when you accepted Christ as your savior. That act didn’t nullify the use of your mind; instead it quickened it and prepared it for another dimension of productivity which I call the God class performance. Walking in the spirit does not make your mental faculty irrelevant.

Sir, thinking is not carnal because even God himself is a thinker (see Jeremiah 29:11, 3John 2). So if God thinks it would be foolishness to presume that He took your mind away from you at the new birth experience. He didn’t and will not because He wants you to live and operate like him on earth and to do this; your mind must be functioning.  High level of unproductivity and frustration in the church today is a function of low usage of the mind not demonic afflictions. People’s inability to use their mind has got them stuck in the mud of mediocrity where true success seems to be only visible in night dreams but far to reach during day time. For salvation to bring evidence, the mind must be positively affected.


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